About the Artist .

Sonia Calderón was raised in the bay area of San Francisco and primarily in the midwest the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Self taught, she began painting as a young girl. " I loved splashing paint around to see what could emerge and form."  She went to art school at the Art Academy in San Francisco, and Darmstadt Applied Sciences in Hessen, Germany.  Calderón’s interests include fashion, design, mysteries of nature and the human experience.  Her artistic influences are several abstract expressionistic painters of the 20th century, street photographers which focus on glam and guilty pleasures.  Her process is an exploration with color, depth, patterns, mood and a sense of place.  She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her painting style involves a distinct palette of colors reflecting the character of her subjects often moody, flashy and sensual. She extracts many ideas to create an impression of mystery and ambiguity. Her cityscapes are the reflections of metropolitan life capturing the two conflicting sides of chaos and beauty. The depiction of woman in her paintings blurs the lines between ghostly, eccentric, domineering and casual.  The painting Crispy or Tender captures a Mona Lisa blonde waiting in the lunchroom of her corporate job. She sits near her guilty pleasures the phone and fast foods.  


Born November, 1985, Berkeley, California 

AAU San Francisco
Darmstadt Univ Design Germany
BA Design Studies, 2007-2013


JCO's PLACE, Los Gatos, CA  Sept 29-Oct 20 2016 Solo Show

Beverly Hills Art Show May 21-22 2016

Urban Spaces & Kirchner's One Night Stands May 6-19 Michaelangelo Gallery Santa Cruz, CA

Lumens Gallery, Capitola, California, Aug. 2015-Present
La Belle Gallery, Bluff Series, Carmel, California, Jan-Oct. 2014
         Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival, Marin, California, Sept. 2015

Palo Alto Fine Arts Festival, Aug. 2014 + Aug. 2015
Celebration of Craftswomen, San Francisco, Nov. 2014
Stripe Design, "Alluring Views with Champagne in the City," Feb. 2014

MichaelAngelo Gallery, “Day of the Dead” Exhibition Group Show, 2014. 
Preview Exhibition Arts Council Santa Cruz, California,


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