Sonia Calderón has been expressing herself as an artist since she was a child growing up in Berkeley, California and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her professional career as an abstract painter explores the intense intersection of the seen and unseen. With a keen eye for juxtaposition and balanced abstraction, she is guided by her intuitive pursuit of the emotional undercurrents of personal experience. Drawn to profound extremes of light and dark, euphoria and surrender, senses and metaphysical musings, her influences include several abstract expressionist painters of the 20th century, fashion and design, nature, and street photographers who capture glam and guilty pleasures. She has lived and painted in Northern California, Los Angeles, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Lips Series 

Each lip painting tells a story, the embodiment of an experience, a song, possibility. In these intimately exposed ruminations, it is the great depth of mystery, of personal history, of secrets kept or whispered, that I wish to capture. 


Cinematic freezes of time, this series is an exploration of the light and shadow play on nature’s most intimate offerings, and the symbolism intuited through human suffering and exaltation, seduction and desire, grace and surrender.

My best-selling collage-style abstract painting series seeks to capture the intersection of civilization’s concrete expressions of architecture with the human experiences within. With an eye for exquisite juxtapositions, textural meets diffuse, yin balances yang, and concrete gives way to ethereal mystery, senses and dream


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